5 Important Facts to Better Understand Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are those little hitchhikers that come into your home and feed on your blood while you’re sleeping leaving little red bumps all over you. They can make it into your home by latching onto used furniture, bedding, and more. Many people do not know much about these mysterious little bloodsuckers, at least until they have to deal with an infestation.


1. They can live literally anywhere.

When people think of bed bugs, seedy hotel rooms are usually what comes to mind. In reality, a bed bug can live almost anywhere from retail stores to office buildings and even schools.

2. They can go months without feeding.

A bed bug can survive for approximately a year without feeding on blood even once. This makes preventing an infestation harder than normal as they can hide in your home for a long time without having to come out to eat. There aptitude for survival makes DIY measures ineffective against an infestation.

3. They are elusive.

Bed bugs are incredibly smart. They only come out at night when tempted by the carbon monoxide we exhale while sleeping. Bed bugs are champions when it comes to staying out of view and hiding. They can hide behind wallpaper and electrical outlet as well as mattress crevices and box springs.

4. They are predictable.

Once a bed bug has found a host to feed on, their pattern of feeding is pretty typical. They can feed for around 10 minutes at a time and tend to feed in a pattern. One big telltale sign of a bed bug infestation is bite marks in clusters or rows on the chest, legs, and arms.

5. Their saliva is an anesthetic.

Ever wonder how a bed bug can feed for 10 minutes without you waking up? The answer is simple. Bed bugs have saliva that acts as an anesthetic to help them keep their meal uninterrupted. Their saliva also promotes increased blood flow where the site of the bite is which makes the feeding quick and almost completely painless for the host.

Find A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator Near You

If you’re done trying to take on these particular pests alone you can easily search for a local exterminator near you here. Sometimes battling a pest issue on your own isn’t worth the time and money it takes and you could save more by calling a pro from the start.