Are you looking for help with bed bugs? That’s definitely unfortunate because these are among the worst pests in the world and are getting harder to eradicate than in past years. So rather than slowing down, their appearances are drastically increasing just about everywhere in the United States. So when you decide to hire a professional bed bug exterminator you don’t want to go with the first company you call.

Here are seven helpful tips to help you find the best bed bug service provider in your local area.

Tip #1 – Specialized Bed Bug Exterminator

When you start searching and looking at the companies near you it’s important to decide if you want to go with a company that offers a variety of services, including bed bugs, or do you want to go with a company that specializes in bed bugs? Meaning they focus 100% if not close to 100% on bed bugs and not other pests. This is a personal preference and selection but definitely a factor to consider when choosing an exterminator.

Tip #2 – Inspection

Do you need to have a bed bug inspection before you can schedule service? This is something to know and ask. Some companies require an inspection before discussing treatment options. This helps them to assess the situation and confirm that bed bugs are present or have been at one time. It also helps them better determine the best treatment option. The more bugs that are present the more treatments you’ll need. Bed bug extermination is a very tedious task that needs to be done with care in order to achieve the desired results.

Tip #3 – Pricing

It’s best that you prepare yourself before you start inquiring about pricing….it’s not usually a cheap service. And if you have a more serious invasion it could cost you more. How much more? That depends on the company and your region. While many local providers stay competitive in pricing, you might find some that are drastically different. In addition, a few other factors come into play when determining the cost of bed bug extermination.

  • The level of infestation
  • The area to be treated
  • The type of treatment used

As mentioned above – this is why many companies require an inspection. They can give you a more accurate price along with any guarantees.

So how much does a bed bug inspection cost? It varies by exterminator but the average cost is typically between $50 and $200.

Tip #4 – Guarantee or Terms of Service

It’s important that you fully understand what your service covers. Reading over what’s covered in the bed bug service you receive is critical if you want to avoid future hassle. Ask any bed bug questions you have and if you don’t get clear answers look elsewhere. A reputable bed bug exterminator isn’t going to mind explaining their terms of services and offering details about any guarantee(s) available.

Tip #5 – Reviews

You likely check the reviews of items before you purchase them. The same should go for services too. See what others have to say about the company, but don’t base your decision on what you find. Remember, some people are naturally rude and some exaggerate their experience a little. But it helps to have a better idea of what you can expect from the company should you decide to use them and that’s what reviews can do.

Word of mouth is also something to consider. If someone you know or even a neighbor recommends a bed bug exterminator, consider checking them out.

Tip #6 – Customer Service

This is becoming a more critical factor for people doing business with any company today. You want the best customer service for your cell phone, your electronic devices, your favorite store; you should want the best from your exterminator too. Pay attention to the conversation you have when you call to inquire about bed bug service. Are they friendly? Do they seem to want your business or do they have a ‘could care less’ attitude? Are they pushy or trying too hard to schedule a service for you? All of these things come into play when trying to choose the best bed bug exterminator.

Tip #7 – Local or National Company

Do you have a preference in terms of supporting your local small businesses over national companies that are based throughout the world? If so, this can help you narrow down your search drastically. Depending on your local area, there could be more national companies than local small business exterminators, or vice versa. Just something to consider when looking for a bed bug exterminator.