New York Bed Bug Experts

Looking for a bed bug exterminator in the state of New York? Check out the following companies that provide treatments for bed bugs. If you come across any errors or companies that ‘no longer’ offer services for bed bugs please let us know.


Able Pest Control


24 Hour Exterminating

A1 Pest Stoppers

Ace Exterminator Company

All Pro Exterminators Corporation

All-Star Bed Bug Treatment Company

AMPM Pest Control

At Last Pest Control

Bathgate Exterminator

Baychester Exterminators


Advanced Exterminating Co

Ashland Pest Control, Inc.


Big R&J Exterminating Inc

Burke Pest Control


Cockroaches in New York

New York is home to many common bugs and pests, including cockroaches. They will eat anything and know how to survive in the worst conditions which makes them that much harder to eradicate when they invade or infest a property. Preventative action is key and when that is not possible, taking immediate action at the first sign of an issue is vital to avoiding a serious roach invasion.

Cockroaches can carry more than 30 diseases at a time and transmit them to humans.


24 Hour Exterminating

A1 Pest Stoppers

All Pro Exterminators Corporation

At Last Pest Control

Bathgate Exterminator

Baychester Exterminators

Brothers Pest Control & Bed Bugs

DC Cleanex Pest Control

SaniTech Pest Inc


Majestic Pest Control

Bed Bugs in New York

Residents of New York may also experience bed bugs, whether in their own home, a local eatery or even while staying in a hotel. This particular bug is extremely difficult to eradicate on your own unless you catch the problem right away. They multiply quickly and once they have taken over a bedroom they will begin infesting nearby rooms. They will not go away on their own and do require some kind of eradication method if you wish to get rid of them.

If you are not certain it’s bed bugs you have discovered, contact a local pro for assistance.

Mt Vernon

AAG Pest Solutions, Inc.

Richard J. Sica Pest Control

New Rochelle

Arrow Environmental

R&K Pest Control Inc

New York

A3 Superior Pest Control

Acme Exterminating Corp

Action’s New York Bed Bug Dogs

All Out Bed Bug Exterminator Manhattan

Alpha Bed Bug Cleaning

Alpha Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

Assured Environments

Beach Pest Control Service Inc.

Bed Bug Busters NY

Bed Bug Dogs NYC

Bed Bug Exterminator New York

Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists

Bed Bug in New York City

Bed Bug Patrol

Bed Bug Pest Prep NYC

Bed Bug Treatment in New York

BHB Exterminating Inc.

Big Apple Pest Control

Broadway Exterminating

DC Cleanex Pest Control

Go Green Bedbug Dogs

MiteBuster BedBug & Pest Control

NYC Bed Bug Inspections

OCP Bed Bug Exterminator

Pest Away Exterminating Inc.

Pest Control NYC Bed Bugs & Wildlife Removal

Positive Pest Management


ABC Pest Control & Wildlife Inc.

Bug Man

Catseye Pest Control

Fox Pest Control


Ultimate Pest Control