If you think that you may have a bed bug infestation, there are several things to look for when confirming your suspicions. Knowing where to look and what you are looking for is the first step to spotting an infestation.

Calling a professional exterminator to scope out your house is the best way to find out if you have a bed bug problem. If you see any signs of bed bugs in your home you should be sure to call a professional right away to avoid an out of control infestation. 

Where To Look & What To Look For

Blood Stains – Bed bugs eat blood meals and therefore they leave a stain when smashed. These bloodstains tend to be very noticeable on bedding.

Dark Spots – Dark, brownish-red spots on your bedding that are not bloodstains could be fecal matter from bed bugs which is also a big telltale of an infestation. They can be located on your bedding, walls, or other rooms that the bugs may have entered.

Actual Bed Bugs – The biggest sign that you could have bed bugs is seeing an actual bed bug. They are incredibly hard to notice due to their small size and if you don’t know what you are looking for then it can be near impossible to find one.

Skin Casings – Eggshells and shredded skin on the floor or your bedding is a sign of a nearby bed bug hiding place.

Odd Odor – A large infestation can cause a weird odor in your home that comes off as sweet and musty at the same time. It is usually very noticeable when stepping into your house after being away.

Bite Marks – Having one bite mark is normal when you have bed bugs but you can be surer of an infestation if you have three bites in a line.

If you’re waking up with bites, it’s time to find out what’s biting you!

When doing your own bed bug inspection you can look for bed bugs by using a flashlight just a few hours before sun up. This is when bed bugs tend to be most active. 

Bed Bug Trapping Methods

There are also several trapping methods you can use to see if you have bed bugs in your house.

Sticky Tape –  Placing tape with the sticky side up around your bedding and furniture can sometimes catch one or two but if you have an infestation it will not solve the problem itself.

Heating Pads – You can place heating pads in dark areas likely to contain bed bugs. You can use the heating pads by themselves just to observe, or along with the tape to make both methods more effective.

Alternative Method – Placing a balloon that has been blown up by mouth can also lure bed bugs. These bugs are attracted to the carbon monoxide that we exhale.

Combining these traps or using them individually can sometimes help to see whether or not you have any actual bed bugs in your home although they are not guaranteed to bare results.

If do it yourself traps are not your style then there are products you can buy that can help with an infestation of bed bugs. Most of these products are styled like flea traps to catch the bugs and hold them, much like a glue trap. While they won’t take care of the infestation for you, they are an easy method for determining what might be crawling around your house. 

Search for a local bed bug exterminator near you today and take the first step to getting bed bug relief.