While there may still be a few people who haven’t really been educated about bed bugs, with the recent rise in incidents and infestations just about everyone is aware of what a bed bug is. But where do bed bugs come from?

They can come from a variety of places because they are some of the best hitchhikers and their tiny size makes it hard to notice them. Therefore, you’re likely not going to realize when you’re carrying them in your home; or when/if anyone else is for that matter.

Helpful Tips for Preventing a Bed Bug Problem

#1 – When buying used furniture, have it inspected before bringing it into your home. These tiny bugs can hide in the smallest of crevices and cracks and you could easily not ‘see’ them. It’s best to let a professional handle it.

#2 – When traveling take care to inspect your hotel room upon arrival and before departing. You might also want to inspect your own clothing if you traveled by airplane as a safety precaution.

#3 – Educate yourself on bed bugs. Know what they are, how you acquire them, how you can prevent them, etc. If you’re overwhelmed by the information you find online just call your local bed bug exterminator and let them answer your questions. Who better to ask and trust than a professional exterminator?